Activities (2003)

Seminar "Series I of Not too late: How to help those who have addicted behaviour"

The seminar “Series I of Not too late: How to help those who have addicted behaviour”was held on November 11, 2003. Over 200 people attended the seminar. Through the sharing of psychiatric specialists and clinical psychologists, church pastors, chaplains and church counseling workers have a better understanding of the addict behaviour, which is useful to help those who have “eating disorder”, “pathological gambling” and “addiction to sex”.

The Spiritual Concert 2003 "Burning Bush"

The Spiritual Concert 2003 “Burning Bush” was held on November 19, 200 at the kwai Tsing Theatre. joses’ s experience at Mt. Sinai (chapter 3 of Exodus) was used as a contrast to SARS. The concert signified that “fire” is still burning and “love” is still prevailing.

Walking together on the SARS road

The joint walkathon with the title “Walking together on the SARS road” was held on November 1, 2003 (Saturday) at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Rev. Ng Wai-man, Rev. Law Kit-Choi and representatives from 13 chaplaincy offices officiated the “Kicking-Off” ceremony. Ms. Ivy So was invited to lead hymns singing and a medical staff from Caritas Hospital was invited for witness sharing. An amount of HK$1,231,443.10 was raised.

Gathering after SARS

Jointly organized by NCF, AHKHCCM and various chaplaincy offices, as well as co-organized and sponsored by the Gig Restaurant, the reunion gatherings after SARS were held on October 6, 8 and 15, 2003 respectively. Dr. Chan Kin-Sang and Prof. Wat Wai-ho were invited to share messages. The ACM Worship Team and Christian fellowship worship team of Queen Elizabeth Hospital led the music sharing. Through the gatherings, we showed again our care to those medical staff who have recovered from SARS as well as all other frontline staff.

"Burning by God's Love, Blessing Forever"

The function “Burning by God’s Love, Blessing Forever” for Christians in medical field was held on October 1, 2003. Around 200 medical staff, chaplaincy staff as well as administrative and clerical staff joined the function. Participants were devoted in sharing and blessing each other. They also wear the “Burning Bush” badge to signify their convenant with God that they are committed to continuously witnessing God through their position in the hospitals.

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