Activities (2014)

Joint Walkathon 2014

The 2014 Joint Walkathon of hospital chaplaincy committees was held on November 8 (Saturday) at Ma On Shan Waterfront Promenade. Around 350 participants gathered at SKH Ma On Shan Holy Spirit Primary School to join the “Kicking-off” ceremony Apart from Rev. Joshua Chan and Rev. Law Kit Choi of AHKHCCM and representatives from 10 chaplaincy committees, there were guests from 6 hospitals including Dr. TY Chui, HCE of Union Christian Hospital and Dr. Beatrice Cheng, HCE of Alice HML Nethersole Hospital. The amount of funds raised has already exceeded HK$1,800,000.

30th Anniversary ~ Thanksgiving Banquet

The 30th Anniversary came to a climax with the Thanksgiving Banquet held on Oct 31. The dining hall was packed with 70 tables serving more than 800 guests and hosts. Honorable guests including government officials, hospital executives, denomination and seminary representatives, donors and sponsors were seated in the middle of the banquet hall hosted by 20 chaplaincy committees. Over 260 chaplains, committee and staff members were recognized with Long Service Awards. Thank God for blessing the growth of hospital chaplaincy ministry in public hospitals over the past 30 years.

30th Anniversary ~ Spirituality and Medicine Symposium

The 2-day symposium was held in September with a total of 290 participants including medical and helping professionals, chaplains, pastors and seminarians etc. The symposium was consisted of three sessions addressing reflections on medical practice, pastoral practice and clinical integration, concluding with a devotional meeting for public. We were grateful to have renowned plenary speakers from Taiwan and local to present in different sessions.

30th Anniversary ~ Exhibition at Hospitals

With an aim to further educate and demonstrate the core values and service scope of chaplaincy service, exhibitions panels were displayed in 18 public and private hospitals from June to August. Thanks to hospital executives and senior staff who have showed their support by visiting panels and cheering for chaplaincy teams..

30th Anniversary ~ Volunteer Recognition Day

A big scale recognition for volunteers was held on May 31 with around 350 volunteers participating. It was an occasion not just to honor their long term service and commitment, but also to encourage them to sustain their passion for caring patients and families.

The 10th Chaplains’Day

The 10th Chaplains’ Day was smoothly held on June 13, 2014 at Swatow Christian Church, Kowloon City. There were around 110 chaplains participating this year. Rev. S W. Siu spoke on the topic “Transform by renewing the mind”. Four workshops were followed to refresh and nurture the body and soul of chaplains, including workshop for dance, games, music and spiritual direction.

30th Anniversary ~ Vision Sharing Luncheons with Church Pastors

Year 2014 marked the 30th anniversary of hospital chaplaincy ministry in Hong Kong. A series of celebrative events were held throughout the year. The anniversary was kicked off in April with the vision sharing luncheons for church pastors held in six clusters. There were in total 360 pastors from 276 churches attending to these luncheon gatherings from which they learnt more about the vision and values of the ministry and more importantly, they were encouraged to motivate their congregations to participate in hospital chaplaincy ministry.

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