Activities (2008)

The 4th Chaplains' Day

The 4th Chaplains’ Day was held in the HK Council of CCC on July 11, 2008 with over 50 chaplains participated. The theme for this year was “Towards professional growth”. There were in-depth discussions and exchange of ideas on the two drafted documents for professional growth. Prof. Kwan Shui Man {Associate Director (Administration) of the Divinity School of Chung Chi College, CUHK}was invited to share his experiences in developing and practising professionalism. Chaplains were enthusiastic in giving opinions and they do have a more concrete understanding of professional growth.

The 2nd Pastoral Day for Seminarians

The 2nd Hospital Pastoral Day for Seminary Students was successfully held on February 1, 2008 at Yan Fook Church of EFCC. The event was co-organized by 13 seminary schools with over 200 students participated. Prof. Kung Lap Yan (Associate Professor of the Divinity School of Chung Chi College, CUHK )was invited to speak on the topic: “Pulling out the sting of death from religious belief and pastoral care perspectives”. In addition, seven workshops were held and conducted by chaplains who shared their clinical experience with seminary students.

Joint Walkathon 2008

The 2008 Joint Walkathon of all hospital chaplaincy committees was held on November 1 (Saturday) at the Inspirational Lake Recreation Center. Dr. C.C. Luk, Chief Executive of Kowloon East Cluster & Chief Executive of the United Christian Hospital was invited to officiate the “Kicking-off” ceremony, together with representatives from 11 hospital chaplaincy committees as well as Rev. Law Kit Choi. Over 400 chaplains and volunteers participated in the walkathon and the amount of funds raised so far has almost reached HK$1,000,000.

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