Activities (2007)

The Spiritual Concert "White Rainbow"

Jointly organized by CMDF, NCF, and AHKHCCM, as well as fully supported by NICHE, Caring Hands and Happy Tree, the 2007 Spiritual concert was successfully held on September 18 at the Ko Shan Theatre. The concert was named “The White Rainbow ”. Apart from hymns singing, drama, violin performance and time for meditation, there was also sharing from nurse and doctor. through video. We were grateful to have Rev. Lee to share message and Mr. Zion Yeh and his worship team The Spring of Life to lead the music sharing, as well as the Nurses Christian Fellowship of CUHK to perform drama.

Joint Walkathon 2007

The Joint Walkathon 2007 of all hospital chaplaincy committees was held on November 3 (Saturday) at the Tai Po Waterfront Park. The Senior Administrative Manager of Alice Ho Hiu Ling Nethersole Hospital and Tai Po Hospital was invited to officiate the “Kicking-off” ceremony, together with representatives from 11 hospital chaplaincy committees as well as Rev. Law Kit Choi. Over 300 chaplains and volunteers participated in the walkathon and the amount of funds raised so far has exceeded 1 million dollars.

The 3rd Chaplains' Day

The 3rd Chaplains’ Day was held in Tsim Sha Tsui Baptist Church on July 9, 2007 with the theme of “Walking our spirit up with hand in hand”. Around 70 chaplains participated. Dr. John Swift {ACPE Supervisor and Summer CPE Supervisor for Alice Ho Ming Ling Nethersole Hospital}was invited to share with the chaplains on the topic of “Chaplaincy: called to do the impossibles”. In addition, there were two rounds of group discussion in which chaplains have in-depth sharing and fellowship.

The 1st Pastoral Day for Seminarians

The first Hospital Pastoral Day for Seminary Students was successfully held on January 26, 2007 at Yan Fook Church of EFCC. Over 450 seminary students and teachers participated. Dr. Raymond Chen (Chief Administrative Manager, Strategy & Planning, Hospital Authority)was invited to speak on the topic: “Constructing a holistic community – the mission and role of local churches under the new trends of medical services”. In addition, ten workshops were held and conducted by chaplains who shared their clinical experience with seminary students. Commemorative trophies were presented to 13 seminaries for thanking them as co-organizers.

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